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Vote for Science is a network-wide initiative focused on registering voters and championing evidence-based policies in the 2018 mid-term elections. Each month, we will focus on a different theme. You can learn more about the national campaign here.

Actively advocating for science by regularly contacting your representatives on a local and national level is a vital step in ensuring that science informs policy.  But don't stop there!  If you are eligible to vote, turn out for every election from your school board to the presidency to support pro-science candidates.  

Below are ways to support our Vote for Science efforts.

Register to Vote

1) Midterm elections are Tuesday November 6, 2018

2) Deadline to register is midnight Monday October 22, 2018

3) You can register online at this site:


Take the Pledge

Are you ready join a global community of science advocates as we transform our communities and our governments? Take the pledge today.

Planning an event or want to share the pledge with others? Download the printable Pledge card here


Contact your Candidates

Insist they participate in the nationwide Science Debate.

Who are my representatives?  



Ask your candidates to participate in the 2018 Q&A here.

March information

Date: April 14, 2018
Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm
Location: 1025 S. 1st Street, Las Vegas (Art Square)

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Become a volunteer, speaker or sponsor

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Spread the word

Use the power of social media to educate other humans about science and how it directly affects everyone.